The Brotherhood of Rangers

Welcome to the Brotherhood

Game list


Halo Reach

One of our best online games that we play 

Fallout New Vegas

Every brother loves this game

Call of Duty Black ops

We play this game but some of the brothers hate this game 

Assassins Creed

Are 2nd most played RPG game 

The Brotherhood started because we felt that the old clan could not stay away from clan wars and some people we felt that there is no point in having a clan when its not fun. So we made this clan to have fun and be a small clan.  

The Brotherhood of Rangers

We are Brothers all with many skills

We fight as one

We fight for one goal

The goal is simple

We fight to win

We fight to have Fun

We are The Brotherhood of Rangers

Rule #1 Never Tell Anyone about the Brotherhood

Rule #2 All ways show respect to your other brothers

Rule #3 Obay your leaders

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