The Brotherhood of Rangers

About the Rangers

The Brotherhood started because we felt that the old clan could not stay away from clan wars and some people we felt that there is no point in having a clan when its not fun. So we made this clan to have fun and be a small clan.  

The games we play are Halo,Call of Duty,Fallout,and Assassins creed.We know some of these games are not online but there something we play and talk about. The leaders are lay back and dont boss people around but if we ask you somthing you should do it. The leaders always think about what there making there members do before they call them out for the job.

Are mission is to get ride of the past and move on...Austin,Dan,and 95 could not take what was called FEAR. The drama would not end no matter how much we would try to stop it. it would grow and grow like a viris it all ways came back. We would stop it in many ways but the shit never ends. The old clan FEAR was all ways lead by Vlaire but its not the other leaders falt they could not be on more they were just to busy.So we three talked about the problem and said its time for a do over.We will not take anyone who wants to join we have to want you...   

What we need

*We need a person who we can trust

*We need a person who can hold a gun

*We need a person who  can keep a secret

*We need a person who can obay the rules

*We need someone who can have fun


The Leaders Are

Vlaire Ranger (Austin)

Kleff (Dan)



But we are Rangers we are here to clean up what was left of the past..Are job is to not to re-right history of FEAR Intense Gaming(F.I.G)...That was the past this is The Brotherhood of Rangers (B.O.R) We are the new Clan...

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